Current Members

To date, ACCS has 34 members and will campaign for more in the days to come. As we organize Christian counseling seminars and training programs, we hope to recruit more trained people to join ACCS to cater to a greater number of Christians in Singapore.


1.  Spencer Lee (Pastor)
2.  Rev Francis Ngoi Ngie Hua
3.  Lambert Chiang
4.  Dr. Simon Neo Teck Koon
5.  Yeo Kok Hwa
6.  Norman Ang Kin San
7.  Nah Kiat Yong
8.  Christine Wong
9.  Constance Zhang Baowen
10. Ruth Tan Mui Cheng
11. Mollie Teoh
12. Grace Phoon
13. Victor Ong
4. Sam Kuna 


1.  Lim Ka Lai
2.  Felicia Toi
3.  Nancy Goh Ai Yin
4.  Lily Tan
5.  Bernadette Bong
6.  Jane Toh Lee Pang
7.  Stephen Oh
8.  Remy Amor Oh


1.   Stanley Soh Choon Bee
2.   Edwin Yeo Choong Teik
3.   Neoh Kok Kee
4.   Jen Phoon Ngah Wan
5.   Doreen Tan
6.   Grace Chong Nam Kee
7.   Yvonne Ying Li Hung
8.   Stilly Chan Ai Lee
9.   Betty Low
10. Amilia Chai
11. Fenny Susanto
12. Patricia Chua Boon Ngo

This Membership List Was Last Updated May  8, 2018