Our Profile
Our Association is a non-governmental, Christian-based, non-profit agency offering Christian counselling services and training for professional Christian counsellors in Singapore.

Our History
The Association of Christian Counsellors of Singapore (ACCS) was birthed in August 2004. Several concerned Christian counsellors (the committee members and especially its founding president, Spencer Lee felt burdened to advance the cause of Christian counseling to guide and encourage Christians who are struggling with life.

There are indeed many Christians who are facing spiritual, marital, family, work, or mental health problems and are suffering in silence. ACCS was set up to meet the dire needs of such Christians as most local churches do not provide professional Christian counseling service to its members.

ACCS has brought together a pool of professional & lay Christian counsellors to provide this much-needed ministry and avert that situation. ACCS would also provide a platform for Christian counsellors to fellowship and share their expertise to further advance the Christian counseling cause in Singapore.

To date, ACCS has 33 members and will campaign for more in the days to come. As we organize Christian counseling seminars and training programs, we hope to recruit more trained people to join ACCS to cater to a greater number of Christians in Singapore.

Our Mission & Aims
To enhance spiritual life, mental health and promote marital and family relationship through counselling, consultation, training, publication and programmes for effective counselling.